The Idea

Welcome to! The idea behind this effort was to create a site that would help to educate individuals about sports. But we are so passionate about basketball that we ended up making a dedicate website for basketball. 🙂

We set out to do extensive research  on what other platforms had to offer, and we came up with a solution - create a site that made it simple for individuals to learn more about basketball.

Our Mission

Our mission here at is to help individuals through our useful contents, reviews, case studies and expert opinions they would need to learn more about basketball.

Our Team

Jeffry Stiles, Founder

My name is Jeffry S. Stiles, and I am the founder of I currently reside in Maryland with my beautiful wife Maria Joseph and we have one child.

I was always passionate about sports from the moment I realized how beneficial it was.

The love I have for basketball, has only grown over time, as I want to share that passion with others.

I wanted to dedicate that passion into helping others become more educated about basketball.

My dream is to have be the number #1 resource to learn more about basketball.

How Can You Help Us?

There are several ways you can help us at The first way you can help us is to let us know about some topics that you want on Are you curious about certain area and want us to do an in-depth dive on it? Let us know!

Are you passionate about helping individuals with comprehensive guides and how-tos? If so, we’d love to have you on as a contributor. Please contact us through our contact form.