3 Easy Tips to Develop Your Guard in Basketball

In basketball, one of the most important equalizers is the shot blocking technique. By examining various statistics for shooting and at all levels the odds of you finding a shot blocker within those statistics are higher.


More importantly, take note that shot blockers will block all your attempted lay ups. If the opposing team does not manage to block the lay ups, their shooting average will go down, and your team will have more chances at winning the game over anything else.

So, where can you get a shot blocker? How can you find one that will do an effective job at blocking all lay ups made by the opposing team? In professional basketball, you sign up to get one.

However, if your chosen shot blocker does not have the techniques and the skill set yet to deliver a good lay up block, you can help them develop this skill by training and lots of patience. For a shot blocker, there will be no other positions that have as much adjustments and changes as yours does.

Also, there will be no blockers that can instantly be adaptable to any situation; however, some of these plays are very consistent regardless of the current situation that you are in.

Drills to Create Good Shot Blockers

In basketball, drills make an excellent training tool, plus it can shape any player into a better one with just a few exercises that can help them develop the skills that they have and the skills that they need to play a powerful defense.

When you are teaching these drills, also take into consideration the vital statistics of your player, so that you will know where to place them in the court.

If for example you have a small player but is fast on their feet, you should be putting them in charge of passing the ball around, or if you have a large heavy set player, you can keep them in charge of defense, or something to that extent.

Here are some drills that can help develop your team members into good shot blockers regardless of their statistics:

1. React and Block

For this blocking technique, there will be two offensive team members that will need to be lined up outside of the lanes and equal to the second lane, while facing the baseline.

Place the defensive player in the middle of the lane facing the middle of the court, while the coach stands on the baseline with the ball in hand.

the coach will then pass the ball to the offensive player, then the offensive player will shoot the ball directly into the hoop with no fakes, and dribbles just a one step move to the hoop.


The defensive team member will then step over to the side to make the block. He will then try to make the block work on the lane to the hoop and the ball he will get with one step to position and maintain the balance.

2. Two Blocks

For this drill, there will be two offensive team members that should be lined up on the outside of the lane with their foot inside before making the block.

the defensive team member will then be set in the middle of the lane in between the two offensive team members, while the coach has two balls in hand to pass to the offensive team members.

Once this is done, the offensive team player that is holding the ball will go directly to the hoop with no attempted fakes or dribbles and with just one step to shoot the ball into the basket.


The defensive team member will now step over to make the block on the offensive player. The player will try to grab the ball from him with one step and maintain the balance and position.

The offensive team member that is holding the will now go directly to the hoop, repeating the moves made above while the coach controls the timing and the number of passes to optimize the drill that is given.

3. Blocks

For each player that is placed on the sets outside of the lane, will have his foot inside to block along the lane. The coach will now have the ball to standout on the top, and then the coach will pass the ball to one of the team members.

The team member who is holding the ball will go directly to the hoop, with no fakes or dribbles attempted just one step to the basket. Another player will attack the person who is shooting.


The defensive team member will try to get the ball from the offensive team will grab the ball from inside his hand with one step. Make sure that the drill is consistent with one shot, so that the drill will be effective.

All in all, teaching your team players to become an effective shot blocker will not only benefit you, but the entire team as well.

Make sure to teach them how to do the drills correctly so that when they encounter a situation similar to the ones in the drill, they will know what kind of action to do to avoid the other players from grabbing the ball from the defensive team members.

Help your team works learn how to do this properly, by practicing with them everyday and training them as much as you can to develop this skill set.

Final Words

Shot blockers are the warriors of the team, and they should be protected from all other opposing team members.

The shot blockers will also be responsible for blocking a lay up from the other team, which means that whoever you choose to become your shot blocker, can be taught the proper techniques and other ways that they can do this part to improve the scoring of the game.

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