5 Important Things to Remember to Make a Good Jump in Basketball

There are a lot of sports out there that require a lot of leg strength like football, volleyball, soccer, baseball, and basketball of course, and we are guessing that out of all of these sports, you should know to make a good jump to get the score that you want or at least try to avoid getting scored on.


In the world of basketball, learning how to jump is a must. In fact, if you are really an avid fan of basketball, you will find that most professional basketball players seem like they are walking on air on court because their jumps are so high.

Since most NBA players are really tall, it will really seem like they are flying when you see the jump at extra ordinary heights to dunk a ball into the hoop.

Nevertheless, whether you want to pursue a career as a professional athlete or you just want something that will give you a full body work out at the end of the day, increasing leg strength is possible.

Remember that a good vertical jump can be a valuable skill, it will not only help your team get more rebounds, steals and blocks, but it will also mean that it can be a good skill to use when you want to dunk a basketball.

Developing this skill will not only make you more confident but it will also increase the inspiration for your team members, in other word seeing you do a dunk in mid air will definitely give your other team mates confidence, enthusiasm and make it fun for them.

Now you may be wondering, how can you achieve unbelievable leg strength to help you leap higher when you are playing basketball? Luckily, we haves supplied you with all the needed information and tips for you to do this successfully on the court.

Tips To Improve Your Jump

First of all things that you will need to know is, great basketball shooters and dunkers are not born, but made. Aside from having the talent and the passion for the game, a good basketball shooter requires extensive training and many continuous hours of practice everyday of the week to help improve their jump shots.

If you are one of those players who get frustrated every time that they cannot make a jump shot correctly, then you should take a look at these tips to help you improve your jump shot.

1. Always Warm Up

Before any game, your body needs to be properly conditioned and at its best state before you play a game of basketball. Failure to do so can result in muscle damage or maybe even cramping.

For most players, sometimes they forget to stretch and get a decent heartbeat before a game, which is why sometimes they cannot make an effective jump shot.

Be sure to dedicate at least a few minutes a day to warm up before a game, you will find that it can do wonders for your performance as far as jumping is concerned.

2. Do Some Jump Drills

There are a lot of drills out there that are designed to help you improve on your jump shots. Take advantage of these drills, as this can be your shot to jumping a little higher.

If you do not know any drills that can help you with this, you can always ask your coach to give you some so that you can practice at home, or you can do some research and do them while you have spare time at the gym.

3. Practice At Game Speep

This will allow you to train your body into performing a jump shot at game pressure. This is a great way to train for a game as well, because once you get used to the pressure, you will find making a jump shot effortless.

4. Train As Hard As You Can

One of the many factors for perfecting a jump shot, is the fact that your legs apart from anything else in your body, has to develop strength.

Leg strength is very important, because without it, you will not be able to pull off an effective jump shot. Spend at least an hour or two a day at the gym to help improve the strength in your legs.

5. Stretch Alwayy

Stretching is another form of warm up only you will be dedicating your time into stretching all the muscles in your body, so that you can effectively jump higher than you normally would.

By stretching daily, you will be able to strengthen your muscles, and allow increased flexibility in the body.

Make sure not to over do it though, because too much stretching can damage your muscles, make sure to keep it at a minimum and keep the stretching at normal amounts, and done in intervals so that you do not end up getting muscle pain and soreness.

Though this type of pain might be normal, too much of it can take a toll on you especially if it does not go away after a day.

Final Words

All in all, a higher jump will require all your time and effort to practicing as much as you can so that you can develop the height that you want, especially if you are fond of dunking the ball. Do all the necessary tips mentioned above, and you should be ok to go on your next game.

Being able to jump high is an advantage that can be learned. As long as you make sure to follow all the tips we’ve provided here and stick to your training schedule everyday, all your hard work will surely pay off in the end.

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