What Are the Qualities of a Good Basketball Coach?

In basketball, the coach will always influence the player. If you are a good coach, you will quickly see the result of your teachings present in your players, but if you are a bad one that can also reflect on how you train your basketball players.


The technique to becoming a better coach is to always inspire your team to be better at everything that they do without sounding demanding, discouraging or criticizing.

If you are going to criticize them in anyway, make sure that it is constructive, straight to the point but not insulting and never personal.

Inspire your players to become the best that they can be, and assure them that whatever happens in any of their games whether they win or lose, they still did a good job, but they have to work hard to win the next game.

It’s kind of like what you see in the movies, it may not be completely accurate but that should be the perfect example of a coach teaching their players.

Though, it doesn’t mean that you are kind, you cannot be strict. There is a clear difference between being kind and becoming strict with your team. The primary reason why being strict should be implemented, its so your team can develop discipline at all times.

A disciplined team is a good team, and it will help them gather good points at their next game if they continue to persevere with training. That means telling them to wake up early, train everyday and work out every once in a while to keep their bodies conditioned at all times.

Always keep in mind that all players have talent, and a lot of them will not know how to hone it, that is why you are there. To turn ordinary people into all stars that will someday win a championship game.

You should be the perfect example of a good and respectful team player so that your team members will do the same while they are out there playing a game. So, the question now is, how can you turn your players into championship winners?

We have provided you with some need to know tips on how you can make yourself better as a coach.


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Qualities of a Good Basketball Coach

As mentioned above, a good coach means that you have to be responsible for every one around you, and you should be the vision of excellence and respect towards your players.

To give you a few ideas on how you can better yourself as a coach, here are a few more ways that you can enforce better values to your players.

As a coach you must have all the needed values that your players should learn, in order to become good human beings and players that have good values on the court.

1. Sportsmanship

Basic courtesy and good manners can go a long way. Sportsmanship is a sign of respect to other players; use your practices and training to reinforce these principles in your players.


This will not only make them respectful on the basketball court, but it will also be able to mold them into better people outside of the court, which will reflect you as a coach.

2. Positivity

There will come a time that your team will start to continuously loose their games. Be a vision of inspiration and positivity. Help them stay positive when these circumstances arise, so that they have something to help them fight while they are playing their games.


3. Teamwork

Nobody likes a selfish person. Always teach your players to pass the ball. A selfish basketball player will just pull the teams performance down. Teach them to be selfless and supportive towards other team members, so that they can work together to win a game.


4. Communicate Effectively

Before the start of each practice, have a meeting with your team to discuss postgame analysis and turn them into something positive. For every practice set goals and establish solutions for problems that might have gone wrong during your last few games.

Sight the reasons why they lost, and motivate them to do better on their next.

When you need to correct a team member for doing something wrong, use positive scripting but don’t lower their confidence, give a very specific correction then tell them a positive note, so that they can continue to work hard.

5. Respect

Out of everything, this is one of the most important aspects of being a coach. As mentioned, be a vision of respect. Your players will follow your example if they see that you are respectful towards other coaches and teams.


Be mindful that you’re being watched at all times by eyes that already respect you to begin with.

6. Use Resources

Be creative when it comes to practicing and training. Some players learn vividly, and some can learn just by listening. To get through to both groups, you have to have a mixture of both training methods so that all of them can get the better picture all together.

You can watch videos, ask them to read up on books, or whatever else, for as long as it is productive and can help the team member improve significantly.


You can watch videos, ask them to read up on books, or whatever else, for as long as it is productive and can help the team member improve significantly.

Final Words

All in all, becoming a coach is not hard work at all, you just need to know how to handle your team effectively, in such a way that you teach them everything you know and communicate clearly all your instructions and feedback, without de-motivating your players.

In conclusion, the coach is the number one person everyone looks up to. Be the father figure and the number one person that your players can go to for positivity and encouragement. You will see that the better you treat them, the better they play.

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