How to Tip-in Basketball the Right Way?

Do you want to improve your rebounding skills? Then you should know how to tip your basketball! Tip drills are designed to develop your timing and jumping abilities for rebounds.


How Tipping Basketball Help the Game

Tip drills are basketball exercises wherein several players take turns in consecutively tipping the ball off the backboard. The ball shouldn’t touch the ground during the exercise.

After each rebound, the player at the front of the queue goes to the back. The next player repeats the drill and so on and so forth. The common goal of the drills: Make the mind and body work in sync when jumping for the ball.

Tim Duncan, Kevin Love, and Kevin Garnett. These are just a few of the best players in the NBA with outstanding touch around the hoop. Their tipping abilities have made them great at:

  • Making a move to the basket’s rim upon contact;
  • Putting the ball off the backboard to score; and
  • Scoring offensive rebounds.

The bottom line: Your tipping abilities can tip the score in your favor. You should practice tip drills along with your dribbling, passing and shooting skills.

How Can You Improve Your Tipping Skills?

The short answer can be: With plenty of practice on tipping drills! The ability to effectively tip the basketball is a skill that can be learned and developed. Your coach can provide the right drills for this purpose.

A few of these tip drills are discussed below. You can combine two or more of these drills in a single practice session.

1. One-hand Tips

This drill can involve scoring the number of tips. For example, you can tip the ball four times with the fifth tip getting a score.

  • Stand in front of the rim.
  • Hold a ball in one hand.
  • Tip the ball off the backboard using your outside hand.

Keep in mind that the outside hand is the hand farthest from the basket. You will find that consecutive tipping (i.e., five times) isn’t as easy as it seems.

2. Alternating One-hand Tips

This is a variation of the one-hand tip but with added difficulty.

  • Start with the ball in your inside hand.
  • Tip the ball off the blackboard.
  • Perform a specific number of reps for this set.
  • Tip the ball with your outside hand.
  • Finish the set by giving a score to the final tip.

For example, tip the ball five times with your right hand. Then tip the ball with your left hand another five times. On the tenth tip, score the ball by tipping it into the basket. Yet another version of the one-hand tip is each player alternating his hands after every tip.

  • Perform 10 tips and score the tenth tip.
  • Start tipping with your inside hand for the first tip.
  • Tip with your outside hand for the second tip.
  • Alternate between your inside and outside hands until the tenth tip.

This alternating hand version challenges your dexterity, coordination, and timing, too.

3. Slam Put Backs

This drill is suitable for post players who want to improve on their scoring off tip-ins. This can be done by using one or both hands while difficulty can be added via reps and sets.

  • Your coach will stand beneath the basket while holding a ball.
  • You, the player, stands in front of the rim.
  • Your coach slams the ball on the ground.
  • You have to time your jump accordingly so that you can tip the ball into the hoop.

Your timing will eventually be near-perfect, even perfect, with each slam. You can apply the skill during games, too.

4. Tip and Get It

This is best done for a set amount of reps, makes, or time.

  • Tip the ball with your outside hand for the first tip.
  • Tip it to the other side of the rim on the second tip.
  • Grab the rebound with both of your hands.
  • Finish the movement with either a dunk or a lay-up.
  • Repeat the drill from the other side of the basket.

5. Over and Back Tip

This demands quick reflexes since fast switches between sides are a must.

  • Tip the ball with your outside hand.
  • Quickly switch to the other side of the rim.
  • Continue to tip the ball with your outside hand.

As an example, you will tip the ball off the blackboard with your right hand for five times. On the fifth tip, you will tip it over the rim so that it’s on the opposite side of the backboard.

You have to quickly switch sides and tip with your left hand five times. These one-ball tips are the foundation of your next step. As soon as you master the drills, you can move to the next challenge – two-ball alternating tips.

  • Start with a ball in each of your hands.
  • Alternate between tipping the ball with your right and left hand.

You will also find plenty of tip drills that simulate game situations. In a back-tip drill, for example, two defensive players try to tip a ball from a dribbler. The ball must be tipped to a third defender ahead.

After the tip, the defensive players switch to become offensive players. You have to perform these drills preferably under the guidance of your coaches. You will get valuable information about your form and technique in tipping.

Final Words

The ability to tip a ball will come in handy in many game situations. Keep in mind that rebounds are also scoring opportunities. The better your tipping ability, the better your scoring chances can be.

Tipping a ball also demands muscle memory, thus, the drills. When performing these drills, be sure to add pressure and challenge. This will simulate game conditions so you can be better prepared for them.

Your tipping abilities under pressure will be better for it as well. When your tipping abilities are up to par, your field scoring percentage will improve.

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